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Welcome to the Pro's only website

IT ALL STARTED WITH TENNIS – Born and raised in South Africa, by the age of 19 Julian Krinsky was competing on the international tennis tour, including Wimbledon and the Italian and French opens. After earning a law degree and becoming a chartered accountant, Julian settled in Philadelphia and began to teach a few tennis students, part time.


That was 1977. Soon dozens of students at a time were sleeping over in bunk beds and backyard tents for weekend lessons. By the next year, leased indoor courts and rooms were needed to accommodate the suddenly fast-growing school of tennis. The Julian Krinsky business model had begun to emerge.


Today, the Julian Krinsky group, operated by Julian Krinsky and Adrian Castelli, comprises several tightly integrated business units that develop and operate camps and programs for children, teens and adults, provide property management services for sports and recreational facilities; recruit and provide trained instructors, staff and professional talent for sports academies, clubs and events and consult on most issues related to operating resorts and camps-including the purchase, staffing, operation, maintenance and sale of those assets.


Dedicated to providing entertaining and worthwhile learning experiences, Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs currently operates 12 summer camps in three states. The camps offer leading edge programming in tennis, golf, enrichment, sports, fitness, business, cooking and performing arts.


JKCP recruits tennis professionals and trainee tennis professionals from 30 states and 15 different countries to come to the US and teach our summer programs.  Feedback from said tennis professionals over the last 25 years has taught us that this is not always an easy task and often requires considerable research, time and resources.


In an endeavor to make this an easier transition and make the most of your summer, we ask that you carefully read this document containing information that we hope you will find useful.


Please note that the information contained in this document was researched and contributed by a number of our existing tennis professionals, management and directors who have been in your position. The document is meant to give insight and should, in no way, be regarded as prescriptive.


We welcome you all to the USA, Philadelphia, and most importantly to the Julian Krinsky School of Tennis. We know that your summer with us will be both challenging and rewarding.