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Your duties as a Professional Coach


The Julian Krinsky School of Tennis has employed you for the summer because you fulfill all our requirements as a teaching professional. The influence and difference you make in a junior tennis players experience with us is of the highest priority to the company. As a professional teacher you will be admired and looked upon as a role model and that is the image we want you to exemplify. Become the best possible teaching professional you can for the summer, learn and work hard and take advice from those who offer you there assistance. You are employed as a professional tennis teacher, yes you will have the opportunity to play tennis, but during the week your priority is to make a difference and teach the junior tennis players you will be in charge of.


While on duty, the above dress regulations must be adhered to, on weekends you can wear whatever casual clothing you want, if you do wear Julian Krinsky logo merchandise please remember you are looked upon by the public wherever you go so your behavior and language is important at all times.


Hair must be cut and under control, if you have long hair, please make sure it is tied up. Personal hygiene is vitally important, always make sure you smell good, as it does get very hot, a small pack of breath mints helps keep you feeling fresh especially when you work closely to people


Clean hands and fingernails are important as you use your hands to demonstrate tennis shots with


Smoking with or next to camp children strictly forbidden


Drinking any form of alcohol under the age of 21 in the USA is a criminal offence and will not be accepted under any circumstances, in some countries you are allowed alcohol from 18 years and older, unfortunately in the USA it is 21 and this rule cannot be broken.


Alcohol under 21 years of age or any form of drugs is not allowed and you will be relieved of your position at the company and reported to the relevant authorities if you do not respect these rules. The US is extremely strict with these rules and breaking them places the camp at risk, if you respect the rules you will be highly respected by your work associates, tennis professionals and management.


Promotion in the company


Through your evaluation and work excellence you can be promoted to team leader, be invited back each year, receive a signed letter from the company describing your work and achievements for your resume which will certainly help open job opportunities in the tennising industry. As staff professionals you will be well looked after and compensated for good work.


Breach of contract implications


Make sure you read your contract thoroughly and fully understand all points. Should you be asked to leave through the summer, you will be paid up to the date and no more, breaking your contract such as bad behavior or alcohol abuse will be an immediate dismissal. Any costs relating from the aforementioned will be your responsibility. A very important topic to remember is that children in the USA cannot be hit at all, so never grab and hurt or hit a child - that is an instant dismissal. Generally everyone has a wonderful time and all topics laid out in the contract are respected and adhered to by all staff.


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