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General Info

General Information




Weekly meal structure:


You are given three meals per day, except on a Wednesday evening, when the kitchen is closed, for that day we normally walk up to the local supermarket or takeout and you can purchase a meal for between $5 and $8 dollars.  The breakdown of meals covered by the company is as follows:

Monday & Tuesday:             Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Wednesday:                           Breakfast and Lunch

Thursday & Friday:               Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Saturday:                                Breakfast only

Sunday:                                   Brunch and Dinner

Therefore, days where are not provided meals are Wednesday dinner, Saturday lunch and dinner.


Campus Facilities/Amenities


Most of the campuses have an athletic track for training, as well as sports fields, tennis and squash courts. Certain sport activities need pre-approval, but during your orientation we will give you more information on this subject.



Email / Post

At all campuses there will be computers available for you to send and receive emails. You can set up an email account at or most search engines and this will be a cost effective way for you to communicate with friends and family back home. The use of the computers is for free on campus, but if you decide to use a public library, there is normally a small service fee for a time period, but it is very affordable and normally email is the communication method of choice.




We collect mail at our head office based at the following address:

610 S. Henderson Rd

King of Prussia, PA 19406

Have mail addressed to your name, Tennis Professional and that will make sorting the mail easier. 


Telephone numbers


Our head office telephone numbers are:


Tel:       610-265-9401

Fax:      610-265-3678



You can purchase an international calling card from most supermarket chains and they range at anywhere from $10 to $50, they will allow you to use any public phone, and by entering a number, followed by your pin number on the card, you can then phone anywhere in the world, and your minutes will automatically be debited from your card each time you call. The cards make phoning overseas very affordable.


In the event of emergency your families can reach the above camp number and we will get message to you ASAP.







All campuses have facilities for laundry.  Haverford’s facilities are located in the basement of each apartment building and cost $1.50 per wash and $1.00 per dry.  Machines are available at Cabrini College free of charge.  Beyond this you are responsible for detergent and fabric softener which you can buy at a near-by grocery store.


Clothes for work such as shorts or shirts must always be kept clean and un wrinkled.



All camp related transportation is done by licensed drivers and in yellow school buses.  You may drive your car to venues with permission from your group leader.



School buses

As discussed school buses are used to transport our staff and camp kids around during the summer. The school buses are respected by road users as that is the law, so it is very safe and also lots of fun with the camp kids.

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