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Salary and Payment

Salary and Payment
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Salary and Payment


Once hired, you will receive a formal employment contract from the company.  In your contract it will detail your salary, hourly rate and all terms and conditions.  You will need to submit a time sheet that will have all the private lessons and extra coaching you have done.  Please include the first and last name of all students you teach.  Pay day is Friday after work.


If you have opened an account you simply deposit your check into you account, if you are still waiting for your social security number to open an account, or do not wish to open an account, you can take your check and your passport and cash the check at any Wachovia branch.  Banking a check takes a day to clear in your account whereas cashing a check you receive your money immediately from the teller.


Private lessons


Private lessons after working hours are allowed and we actively promote them.  The overnight campers of JKST can take half hour private lessons before the morning session of clinics or in the afternoons from 3.30 onwards.  All private lessons need to registered with the private lesson coordinator.  Courts will be allocated to you on a weekly basis.


Extra Work


The new camper arrival is every Sunday and on a rotation basis you will be assigned to work.  You may switch with a friend if you have scheduling conflicts.  You may also have other opportunities to teach tennis or do some other jobs that you will be paid for.


Based on your playing level you will be invited to play in Pro Am’s in local clubs and you will be paid for this service


Saturday Work


The staff living on campus will have to help the dorm staff twice on Saturday’s to help check-out overnight campers.  This is a paid service and you will be paid $15 for two hours work.



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