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The camps and the campers who attend them

During the summer, we have a number of tennis camps running at different campuses in Philadelphia.  Each campus provides housing and meals, with separately sectioned housing for campers.  

Haveford College

This camp is designed for tennis players of all ages.  Staff living on campus will stay at the Haverford college apartments and at 710 College avenue.  The apartments at Haverford college are 2 bedroom apartments with a lounge, kitchen, bathroom and shower. Rooms are large and generally very comfortable for all staff.  Bedding will be supplied to you as well as electric fans for the bedrooms.  The house at 710 college avenue is like a fraternity house with 9 single rooms and one double room.  The house has a living room and a nice porch.

Cabrini College

This camp is designed for junior tennis campers( 8th grade and below). The staff resides in a large house on campus with multi bedrooms, bathrooms, shower, and lounge.  Rooms are large with air conditioning and very comfortable.  Bedding is supplied.


Arcadia University:

Arcadi University is the home for the Yesh camp Arcadia University is roughly a 20 minute drive from our Haverford and Cabrini campuses.  The staff for this camp will reside at Cabrini College and will commute to the Arcadia campus on a camp provided van.


Shipley School: 

The Shipley School is roughly a five minute drive from Haverford [College].  It is generally used for our day camp, where tennis is only one of the many sports campers are able to choose from.  Staff working at Shipley will reside at either Haverford or Cabrini and transportation will be provided.


Business and management school:

Students requiring tennis instruction from Penn University and Wharton Business School generally meet tennis professionals over the weekend and not during the week.


Bryn Mawr College: 

Bryn Mawr college is right next door to Shipley school and will host the Canyon Ranch program which will host the Ultimate tennis program.  This a very exclusive program for overnight and day students. Staff will stay at the Haverford campus.



Campers are broken into two categories: Overnight and Day. 


The first are our overnight campers.  Overnight campers are children that travel to the camp in Philadelphia from over 30 states and 15 countries. These children generally stay for an average of two weeks at a time.  Some children stay for longer periods and a few just come for a week.  The senior age group is housed at Haverford College and the junior age group is housed at Cabrini College. 


As Tennis professionals your professional duty is to look after the tennis campers from 8:30am to 4:00pm daily.  Early morning and evening duties are taken over by the residential counselors.


The other group is day campers.  These children live in the area, and are dropped off in the morning and picked up again at the end of the day.  Each camp will have a tennis day camp director who will be responsible to check the children in and out.