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Social Security


Social security numbers are forms of identification the US government issues to each individual for census purposes.  Social security numbers allow you to open a bank account so you can deposit money, wire transfer and activate internet banking - important factors that will avoid keeping all your pay checks or cash in your wallet is not safe, nor is hiding your money in your suitcase, invariably someone’s money always goes missing this way.  The most important reason of all – It’s the law!


Obtaining a social security number is very easy and to aide this process, the social security office will come to campus on a specific day for all staff members to hand in the correct paper work.  (A list of the necessary photocopied forms will be given to you during orientation.)


When obtaining a social security number you need original documents and photocopies of those documents. Should you miss out on obtaining your social security number on campus, we will arrange transport to take you to their offices. We will advise you on the date for obtaining your social security number, please make sure all your documents are photocopied and forms filled out to save time during the process. 


If you are a returning staff member or would like to return in 2006, then obtaining a social security number is important. Many forms of identification require your social security number.



Bank Account


There are many banks available in the area of each camp.  One that has worked well for staff is Wachovia Bank.  Since the company banks with Wachovia, checks can be easily cashed or deposited.


Opening a bank account is very simple, take two forms of identification, such as passport and drivers license, your social security card and your paycheck. A cheque account will be opened and your new card and chequebook can be picked up within days. The cheque card you receive is a visa card as well so it acts like a credit card for purchases as well as a normal ATM withdrawal card.


Wachovia Bank will open a checking account for you, with an ATM card with your own pin number.  Your account will allow you to make deposits and withdrawals from your account, your money will be safe, and you can use your card like a credit card for purchases at the shopping malls.


Once you have a bank account opened, if you want to transfer your money to your bank account back home you can, this reduces the chance of having to withdraw all your money right before you leave.  It costs $40 dollars to transfer your money anywhere in the world through your Wachovia account.


Medical Insurance


The tennis pro’s of JKST will have to provide their own Health Insurance.  However, for the staff coming from overseas your medical insurance is included with your visa, the law requires this. You can and possibly should have additional insurance as each doctor’s visit will require $50 co-pay.  You medical insurance is valid for the period of your contract.


The camp has full time nurses on duty and they will treat you for most common health problems.  The camp health suite will be open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Each campus is associated with a local doctor for all medical conditions.



International Calling Cards


You can purchase an international calling card from most supermarket chains and they range at anywhere from $10 to $50, they will allow you to use any public phone, and by entering a number, followed by your pin number on the card, you can then phone anywhere in the world, and your minutes will automatically be debited from your card each time you call. The cards make phoning overseas very affordable.


In the event of emergency your families can reach the above camp number and we will get message to you ASAP.


Our head office telephone numbers are:


Tel:       610-265-9401

Fax:      610-265-3678


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