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Weekend activities


For those not working on a weekend, i.e. Sunday, You can arrange a site seeing trip and make a weekend of it. The rules of going away for a weekend is you are only allowed to leave after work on Friday and you must return by 8.30 a.m. Monday.


If you are going away for a weekend you must notify management regarding your travel itinerary for the weekend so we know where you are at all times


Note: If you are going away for a weekend or simply out for a day trip remember you represent the Julian Krinsky School of Tennis so behavior is extremely important.




A large variety of local shopping centers, supermarkets, book stores, electronic equipment looking after all your shopping requirements.  Twice during the summer we organize trips for the tennis and tennis staff to the outlet shopping malls in Lancaster, PA.  This is a great way to buy name brand products for a good price.


Mid week activities


During the week we normally arrange evenings out at the mall or movies, action sports games or socializing with other camps such as the golf school. During the week we are normally very busy and most staff enjoy just relaxing in the evening or exercising after a long day.



Getting around


Public transportation

Septa Train tickets can be purchased at the train station and sometimes on the train.  Round trip tickets are available for cab rides are a bit more expensive, and trips to places such as New York in private transport will cost between $20 to $40 dollars, which is a two hour journey. Generally the trains are very affordable and take you to most places of interest.




JKCP Transportation


JKCP will provide a bus specifically for our group.  The bigger trips to places like New York, Washington D.C., Atlantic City or Lancaster outlet shopping  will be paid for, however; on smaller trips we may all contribute a nominal amount to pay for our driver.  Any spending outside of this will be up to you.


Daily transportation to and from camp will be via school buses.



Places of interest


Philadelphia is filled with attractions and site seeing for weekend trips, take the Philadelphia City Pass and ride a narrated Philadelphia trolley taking you to sites from the Spanish American war, to seeing thousands of exotic animals at Philadelphia’s zoo, what about a Philadelphia dinner cruise along the Delaware river, with live entertainment and a gourmet dinner, or visit the local museums and watch a musical, other attractions include the Barnes Collection – the greatest collection of impressionist art, the Betsy Ross House – she sewed a flag and the rest is history, or City Hall, Independence Hall, Liberty Bell Pavilion, Philadelphia museum of art, Rittenhouse Square, The Mutter Museum, Valley Forge, and many more site seeing trips, if you want to plan your trips or book online, simply go to, an excellent web site explaining everything about Philadelphia with links to other states and site seeing trips.



Within walking distance


From all campuses, local shops, takeouts are within walking distance, larger malls such as King of Prussia are a bit further and transport can be arranged. You will have lots of opportunity to go to the malls, movies, clothes markets and city.



Areas to avoid


We all know that we live in a society where there will always be a certain level of crime no matter how small, as so we prefer staff to move as a group, although we have never had an incident, there is always a chance, so take care at night and walk with a friend or in a group if you decide to go out late at night. Always keep some form of identification on you and insurance card as well in case of an emergency.

Should an incident occur, contact management at Julian Krinsky immediately, you will receive a card with telephone numbers should you need to phone urgently.



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