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We want this to be a memorable summer for YOU THE COACH and the multitude of campers you will influence this summer. We are a REPEAT business. We want the coaches who embrace camp life to return, as do we our CUSTOMER – the kids you teach.


Being a coach at our Summer Camp requires a very simple understanding of OUR NEEDS OF YOU, YOUR NEEDS FROM US, AND THE KIDS NEEDS FROM YOU. We are here to support and help you. More than anything we want YOU to be successful; which may mean a shoulder to lean on or it may mean us sharing our knowledge and experience on tennis and kids whenever you need it. We will treat you the same way we want you to treat those under your care – with respect and caring.


In return we ask you to be a TEAM MEMBER. To accept that for the next few weeks for your group to be successful you will have to place the collective success of your fellow coaches above that of your own. You will share your skills with those around you and endeavor to make the coach on the court next to you just as successful as you are. If you are a great coach it will come out – but we are looking for great TEAMWORK. You are an integral part of a hand, which only functions properly with the use of all of its fingers.


The job you have undertaken needs you to be interested and care about the children you teach.  Sometimes they will hang on every word – sometimes they may seem not to care. It is your duty to TEACH and INSPIRE them. It should be your goal that every kid who passes under your care to remember you for what you did for then and the care you provided them and the wonderful experience they had with you and your fellow coaches.


We at JKST feel that more than anything our camp provides the tennis camper with a rewarding lifetime experience.  The experience encompasses many areas from the great tennis instruction they receive on the courts to the many new friendships they establish.  We do not wish to be just another camp where they played tennis, but more as a well rounded experience from understanding a little of your culture if you are from another country to your empathy and understanding of what it is like to be a kid at a camp in the country you were raised in.


Every child we encounter is unique.  We structure our camp to take into consideration the many needs of the individual.  While some players respond very well to certain approaches, we urge you to be always flexible in your approach to teaching.  We do not endorse the one cap fits all heads philosophy.


On the tennis court we expect our coaches to build on what a player already has.  We aim to enhance the player’s game and work together with their pro at home.  Some students may express a need for some major change in their game.  This being the case we strongly urge that you the coach must spend the necessary time with the student.  Changes take time and need a lot of reinforcement from you the pro.


Keep your minds open and remember it can be the summer of your life time.

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