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Arvind Aravindhan                                Director of Tennis        

Mark Spann                                         Director of Coaching

Nausher Khairi                                     Assistant Director

Gavin Siney                                          Site Director, Arcadia

Rodney Stewart                                    Site Director, Shipley

Saravanan Kanakasabai                        Site Director, Cabrini   

Judith Jackson                                      Day Camp Director, Haverford



Haverford Campus

Billy Lambon                                        ATS Leader

Rich Bulbring                                        PTS Leader

Alok Bhide                                           CTS Leader

Isabelle Telkamp                                  XTS Leader

Prasad Subramanian                             ITS leaders

Morne Van Staden                               FTS Leader

Rafael Curbelo                                     BTS Leader    


Cabrini Campus        

Jack Rubano                                        CTS Leader

Saurav Deb                                          ITS Leader

Tomas Martul                                       FTS Leader

Sandy Meinfelder                                 BTS Leader


Arcadia Campus

Hosrof Komorcu                                  FTS Leader

Brian Footer                                         BTS Leader


Patrick Mornay                                    Senior Enrichment Leader

Sissi Goussarova                                  Canyon Ranch Leader

Brittany Horn                                       Private Lesson coordinator, Haverford